Rang Bua Cake – Immigration-evisa

When travelling to Thanh Hoa, visitors should not miss Rang Bua cake

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The cake is made by rice, so that it is also called rice cake. Rice is grinded into powder and then cooked with water in a pan until it becomes a viscous mixture.

The fillings inside the cake are often specific for each of the many purposes.

If the cake is made to eat, the inner are mostly meat and onion, or peanut if using to worship and visiting pagoda.

The cake is wrapped by banana or phrynuim leaves that have been dried upon fire.

In the past, Rang Bua Cake was mostly made on holiday or rite such as Tet Holiday,Tet Doan Ngo or anniversary of death.

On a tray full of dishes, there is also a tasty plate of Rang Bua Cakes that haven’t been; stripped of their wraps, smelling delicious with the flavor of onion and fat.

Specially, on these holidays, families often take part in a secret contest of making rice cake, where the women of each family have the chance to show their skillful hands and cooking talent.

In the present, Rang Bua Cakes’re;made more frequently to serve the demand of the local people and visitors; but the taste of it has not been;diminished.

Nhan Dan

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